Connection Failures In Steel Structures - Possible Causes and Solutions

Although as a qualified structural engineer, you'll be well-versed in designing every member of a building, but you can still be left scratching your head when confronted by unexpected failures in steel connections.  Such incidents can lead to major client dissatisfaction and potentially to damaging insurance claims against your company. With this in mind, here's a helpful summary of the most common causes of failures in steel structure connections to help you to avoid such problems in the future.

Getting a psychologist to complete a assessment of your child

In fraught divorce proceedings, parents may be alarmed at the effect of the divorce and new custody arrangements on their child. If you are worried that your child is not dealing well with the divorce and/or may be experiencing poor parenting from your ex-spouse, it can be very helpful to get your child professionally assessed by a child psychologist.  Identifying the child's needs All children are at different developmental stages and will require different things from their parents, even children within the same family.

5 Types Of Properties That Require Accoustic Input During Construction

Normally builders, architects, and property owners do not need to worry about acoustics when constructing properties. It is simply not a structural or budgetary consideration. However, there are some properties whose use primarily revolves around the use of sound. For these properties, considering acoustic design engineering is a necessity. Below, see what types of properties are affected by acoustics in this manner and what considerations are needed. 1. Entertainment: Clubs, live performance venues & movie theatres

Requirements You Need to Meet Before Applying for a De Facto Partner Visa in Australia

A de facto partner visa allows you to live in Australia if your partner is an Australian citizen, a permanent Australia resident, or a new eligible New Zealand resident according to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The visa can also allow you to work, study, and enroll in Australia's medical benefits expenses and hospital care schemes. However, to obtain this visa, you need to complete an application, provide evidence of a relationship between you and your partner, and get approved.