Why Using a Building Permit Consultant Helps You Save Time

Building a new property is often exciting but can sometimes feel stressful too. Some of the biggest sources of frustration come with trying to secure a building permit. As a process that's fraught with legal complexities, building permit acquisition can become time-consuming. If you're in the throes of getting your permit and you want to save time, it may help to understand what a consultant can do for you.

They'll demystify your forms

It isn't unusual to look at a permit form and panic about the level of detail you need to provide. In some cases, you may sift your way through forms without knowing which ones are right or necessary.

A professional consultant will help you secure the right forms and provide the right details. They'll also help you identify the type of evidence you need to secure your application. Getting everything right the first time prevents your application reaching the review stage, only for someone to bounce it back to you.

Complying with energy efficiency regulations becomes easier

If you're building a new property, you may already know that you need to comply with the energy efficiency provisions of the National Construction Code (NCC). Securing the right energy rating by bringing your home's heating and cooling requirements within certain parameters prevents your application from being rejected.

The type of energy efficiency you require will depend on the state you live in. You can make your home more efficient by using technologies such as solar heating, rainwater tanks and proper insulation. Using a consultant to help you refine those decisions early in the planning process prevents your project from stopping and stalling later on. In addition to making it easier to secure a permit, this is an excellent way to save money on your energy bills in the long term.

You'll remain legally compliant throughout the planning process

For your plans to gain approval, you need to be compliant with The Building Act 1993, Building Regulations 2018, and the Building Code of Australia. Unless you already have a sound knowledge of these guidelines and pieces of legislation, you can save time by hiring someone who already does. Demystifying these codes and acts comes naturally to building consultants, so they'll have an easier time adapting your plans than you will.

Overall, using a building permit consultant helps you overcome technicalities faster than when you act alone. All you need to do is work alongside them and let them lead the way. To learn more about building permits, contact your local industry professionals today.